A proctor is the person who is authorized to administer the FLATS test to you. Although the FLATS test is online, you are required to take the exam with a certified FLATS proctor. The proctor is located at a college or university, and is usually a testing center employee. Only an authorized person can be a proctor. Your proctor will provide a computer and a quiet testing environment for you to take your online test. If you need a proctor, send us an email with your location (including colleges and universities in your area), so that we can find a proctor at the school nearest you. If there are no certified FLATS proctors in your area, we will give you instructions on how to proceed in certifying someone near you.

Remote Test Administration

Proctor 360 is a secure remote proctoring service that has been approved to proctor the FLATS test. If you choose to be proctored in this manner, you will need to indicate so on your registration. Note that for this proctoring option, you will need to have access to a camera and microphone (laptops work great). There is a button on the registration page that will autofill everything you need for the proctor section of the registration to aid in the ease of selecting this service.

Florida International University studentsdo not register to take the exam with Proctor 360. You must take the exam with one of FIU’s proctors. Please follow the instructions that your university has provided you.

California State University Bakersfield students: do not register to take the exam with Proctor 360. You must take the exam with CSUB. Please contact Lou Montano to set up a time for your exam.

After registration, please go to to sign up for a time for the exam. You will need to schedule your exam time at least 48 hours beforehand. Please note that if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, you will need to do that at least 24 hours beforehand or you will forfeit your $20 proctoring fee with Proctor 360. Be aware that cancelling with Proctor 360 is not the same as cancelling with FLATS, so please reach out to both parties if you no longer wish to take the exam.


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