Score Reports

When a student registers for the FLATS test, there is a section on the registration page that asks for “Sending Results To Your School.” If you would like your scores to be sent to your college or university, this is the place to type in the address (and email address) for your school.

Please make sure that you have the correct address, including a person’s name, if applicable. If you do not want your score report sent to your school, leave it blank, and check the “HOLD” box; however, it’s important to note that most schools request an official score report be sent directly from our office. If you leave it blank or check the HOLD box nothing will be sent to your school until you contact our office and request it.

A score report is automatically sent by regular US mail to the address you typed into the “CURRENT ADDRESS” section of the registration form. Some schools accept an email with the score report attached. Please provide the email address and if it is a school that accepts emails, your scores will be sent via email.

If you need another copy of your results to be sent to your school or a different institution, please contact us.

Note: Students are responsible to contact their school to apply their credits to their transcript. Most schools require that you purchase the credits. Check with your school to find out about the fee.