BYU Students

Important for BYU-Provo students to know:

BYU-Provo students are not allowed to take the BYU 16-credit challenge exam if they’ve taken the 12-credit pass/fail FLATS exam previously. Please don’t take the FLATS test by mistake!

The pass/fail FLATS test results may never be changed to a letter grade.

If the returned missionary (RM) entry-level course in your language is not currently being taught, please contact the Center for Language Studies office at 801.422.1201 or for information on your options.

Challenge Exam vs FLATS test for BYU-Provo students:

BYU-Provo students may take a 12-credit, pass/fail, FLATS test for the foreign language they have learned, but only if the language is NOT being taught in the semester that the FLATS test is taken. If BYU-Provo teaches your language, you must take the class, and then the Challenge Exam, in order to receive graded credit. The only way to have the opportunity to take the 16-credit Challenge Exam, is to enroll in and complete the RM entry-level course.

If BYU-Provo offers the RM entry-level course for your language, this is your best option. See the current class schedule or check with the department that offers your language. Sometime towards the end of the semester students will be instructed on what to do to take the Challenge Exam (usually 14 to 16 credits – graded).

Important for Non-BYU Students Planning to attend BYU in the future:

If you are not yet a BYU-Provo student, and you plan to become one in the future, it would be best if you do not take the FLATS test before coming to BYU (unless BYU doesn’t teach your language or offer the RM entry-level course). You should register for the RM entry-level class that teaches your language and then take the 16-credit (graded credit) Challenge Exam, once you are accepted at BYU-Provo.





BYU-Idaho Students:

BYU-Idaho students are required to take the FLATS test to receive credit at BYU-Idaho for the foreign language they have learned. Register for the FLATS test as a non-BYU student.



BYU-Hawaii Students:

BYU-Hawaii students can take the 12-credit, pass/fail, FLATS test for the foreign language they have learned. BYU-Hawaii requires their students to take the FLATS test at BYU-Hawaii. Talk to Candace Tupou at 808-675-3777, or email her at for more information.