Missionary Parents

Q: My son/daughter is returning from a foreign speaking mission. Which test should he/she take?  

A: There are multiple tests you may have heard about that your missionary can take for language credit. Please see the following Flow Chart to determine which test your returned missionary should take:

FLATS Testing Flow Chart

As you can see from the chart, it makes a difference if your student will be attending BYU-Provo or another school. If your student is not currently attending BYU-Provo, and DOES NOT plan to attend in the near future, they are eligible to take the FLATS test.

Q: I’ve heard about a 16-credit (graded – not pass/fail) challenge exam. Can my son/daughter take that test?

A: In order to take the 16-credit challenge exam, your student needs to take a 3-credit 300-level class in their language at BYU-Provo, either as a full-time student, visiting student, or evening school student. However, not all languages that are taught at the MTC are taught at BYU. If your missionary is/or will be attending BYU-Provo and speaks a language that is not taught at BYU, then he or she is eligible to take the 12-credit, pass/fail FLATS test. This test is taken independent of a class, and can be taken on campus for a $20 fee. See the byu.edu website for the current class schedule (go to Academics, to Class Schedule, and type in the name of the Language – class with Read, Gram, Cult).